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STTarter is the premier cloud-based, rapid development platform for building mobile and responsive apps.

With STTarter, you can create a customized site or app in record time. Drive collaboration, efficiency and responsiveness with out of the box tools from STTarter. Whether it be an app for internal communications, events, education, retail, operations or any area that involves news, transactions or communications, STTarter is the platform to build engaging, complex apps rapidly

  • Build quickly
  • Develop with your favourite tech stack
  • Integrate easily
  • Ship fast
  • Iterate rapidly


Private & Group Messaging

Bulletin Boards, Private Chats, Group Chats – possible in minutes


Share Photos, Videos & More

Instantly share photos, videos and any media content, distributed via best in class CDN


Powerful Moderation

Auto flagging and Abuse detection features in-built for private corporate apps

Content System


API Driven

Every content added, available via powerful APIs. Display as you like.


Custom Content Structures

Your list, your content structure. Powerful data management screens.


Metrics Dashboard

Understand how your content has been consumed



Flexible Set Up

Complex redemption rules, simplified set up screens.


Integrate anywhere

Custom shopping cart, open source e-commerce platforms – integrate within minutes


Campaign Tracking

Powerful reporting for analysing coupon campaigns, metrics and ROI.



One System – Multiple Wallet Modes

Single User Closed Wallets, Family Wallets and Business Wallets


Complete Control

Run offers, provide freebies and account only when redeemed.


Detailed Ledger Accounting

Review and track transaction history. Facilitate refunds via administrative panel or secure APIs



Go Viral

Hack your way to growth. Set up innovative referral campaigns in a matter of seconds.


Reward Integrations

Integrate with any external systems with simple webhooks. Better yet, direct integration with STTarter Wallets.


Simplified yet Powerful Triggers

Reward on join, first order, nth order.

Any Technology

STTarter can be used with your favourite tech stack with SDKs and APIs available!

A whole new experience

Execution of ideas has never been simpler or faster!

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